Why is it all called binary options?

When trading binary options, you make a prediction every time, and whether it turns out to be right or not, there can be only two possible results of it: either you get the profit from an investment or lose it all. As far as you can understand now, binary options trading brings together the analytical aspects of a usual day trading with the highly profitable sides of traditional options trading, which allows you as a trader to make your profit as high as possible, investing minimum of your capital within a relatively short period of time (from one minute to a few days, depending on your choice).

The thing you should take into consideration first.

As it was already mentioned above, binary option trading as such requires a high level of risk as it can result in the loss of all sum of money you invest. Therefore you should avoid unadvised investing money while trading binary options, especially dealing with large amounts which you cannot afford to lose.

Why choose anyoption as your trading platform?

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